Home Lifts

Appearance and functionality are key factors in modern public lifts.

Designed especially for Residential Homes, the SELE Range is manufactured in Italy to meet and exceed Australian Standards (AS 1735).

The SELE SHE Homelift MRL is a gearless underslung traction lift which offers ultimate flexibility to the end user.

Builders, Architects, Designers and Developers, if you’re looking for a lift that will meet your client’s needs, including value for money and perfect design, then look no further than the SHE range.

The SELE SHE Homelift is a popular choice for residential properties.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the SELE SHE Homelift is exclusively tailored to your residential property needs.

We will work with you to create the safest, most modern solution for your building using the latest European innovations and most current Australian Standards (AS1735).


“SELE Range” brochure’s can be downloaded below:

SELE SHE Home Range


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