Hydraulic Elevators

Meta Collection

A great home lift addition. This perfectly sized elevator has been designed based on the requirements of a residential property, optimising the usable space within the home. This, combined with low
maintenance costs, makes the Meta 250 the most widely used solution.
The automatic Meta 250 will more than a match your expectations and it truly does make a great cost effective alternative to a traditional lift.

A retro fitting dream.

150mm pit depth

Headroom only 2400mm with Swing doors 2500mm with Auto doors

Automatic opening/closing doors available..

Standard Features

  • Skin plate car wall
  • Linoleum floor
  • Spot lights
  • Emergency lowering and light in case of power cut
  • Buttons Braille
  • Safety Features
  • Hydro jack with rupture valve Locks EN 81 – EC Arrestor equipment
  • Lock system with electronic control to allow safe access to pit
  • Optional Equipment
  • Key selector in car or landings
  • Handrails
  • Mirror
  • Display in car or landings
  • Voice synthesizer
  • Custom floor on request
  • Custom car finishes
  • Panorama glass walls according to rule EN 81
  • Panorama glass doors according to rule EN 81.

Full self supporting towers

Download Meta 250 Spec-Drawings PDF
Download Meta 500 Spec-Drawings PDF
Download Meta Brochure PE 2015 PDF

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