Aritco Platform Lifts

Aritco 4000 6000 Living Collection

Our  Aritco LIVING collection is home lifts for the Perth residential market. Design, comfort and simplicity – all our inspiration for the lift comes from you. These home lifts gives you a higher level of convenience and mobility, so that your home works just right for you and not the other way around. Visit our showroom to try out the world’s smallest lift.

A retro fitting dream.

50 mm pit depth or it can sit on an existing floor.

Headroom only 2300 mm

Automatic opening/closing doors available.

Full self supporting towers as standard, no cladding required.

Download Aritco 4000 6000 2017 pdf

Aritco 7000 9000 Prime Collection

Our Aritco 7000 PRIME Collection is Aritco’s range of platform lifts for the public accessibility market. Inspired of simplicity and quality PRIME Collection combines versatility in form and function with ease of installation and use. The lifts complements and blends into any environment, internally or externally, with just the right aesthetic touch. The lifts runs year in and year out, without incidents or problems. Aritco PRIME offers platform lifts that takes mobility to new levels and adds value to buildings.

Download Aritco 7000 9000 2017 pdf

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