Residential Elevators

Prestige Elevators launches GENIUS Range

The ultimate, innovative lift-device for private residence and little premises:
  • a machine roomless equipment, with a gearless driving system.
  • a car in full unit-body construction, able to be installed in a shaft having a pit of 50 mm only, unrivalled in the market; no civil works are needed in the building.
  • driven by toothed belts having metallic wires, of special design, which perform a safe and noiseless motion.
  • the noise level being less than 50 dBA, in the cabin.
  • using a permanent magnets, synchronous gearless motor, with 24 poles, which performs a perfect control at low speed.
  • controlled by a VVVF vector drive, single-phase.
  • suitable for operation with batteries.
  • automatic rescue device available in an event of power loss.
  • available in two sizes, for 4 and for 8 persons.
  • suitable up to a elevation of 5 floors, i.e. 12 metres travel.
  • unbeatable in saving energy; 750 W for the 4 persons size (a half the power of a little iron), at the speed of 0,30 metres per second (the minimum energy consumption of the best product from the competition is 1,5 kW at the speed of 0,20 metres per second).
  • available in a large variety of arrangements: car doorless or with folding door, manual or fully automatic landing doors, one or double entrance, opposite or adjacent, with or without self supporting structure, with blind or glass walls and doors.

In other words: a domestic appliance of a brand new conception, versatile, energy saving, environmentally friendly, comfortable, noiseless, easy to install and, above all.



“Residential Range” brochure’s can be downloaded below:

Genius Range




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